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A moving, inspiring, personal look at the vastly changing world of wildlife on planet earth as a result of human incursion, and the crucial work of animal and bird preservation across the globe being done by scientists, field biologists, zoologists, environmentalists, and conservationists. From a longtime, much-admired activist, impassioned wildlife proponent and conservationist, former chairperson of the National Endowment for the Arts, four time Academy Award nominee, and Tony Award and two-time Emmy Award-winning actress. In Wild Things, Wild Places, Jane Alexander movingly, with a clear eye and a knowing, keen grasp of the issues and on what is being done in conservation and the worlds of science to help the planet's most endangered species to stay alive and thrive, writes of her steady and fervent immersion into the worlds of wildlife conservation, of her coming to know the scientists throughout the world--to her, the prophets in the wilderness--who are steeped in this work, of her travels with them--and on her own--to the most remote and forbidding areas of the world as they try to save many species, including ourselves.

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Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander is a UK-based journalist and author of over twenty non-fiction titles in the fields of wellbeing, natural health and Mind Body Spirit. She has monthly columns in several UK magazines, often appears on television and radio and is quoted in the press as an expert on natural health and alternative spirituality. She has also ghosted several books for celebrity authors.

Jane's blog, Diary of a Desperate Exmoor Woman (http://exmoorjane.blogspot.com) has a large and enthusiastic following and was shortlisted for the Author Blog Awards. She tweets as @exmoorjane and is active on social media platforms.

Jane grew up in a family which was fascinated by natural forms of wellbeing and the arcane. She learned tarot and yoga from the age of seven and went on to study Kabbalah, herbalism, homeopathy and flower remedies from her teens. She has also trained in past life therapy, shamanism and SHEN.

Jane has a very down-to-earth and pragmatic approach to spirituality and wellbeing. She insists she is no "guru" (despite often being given the label) . 'I'm afraid I don't always practice what I preach,' she admits ruefully. 'We live in a busy, crazy world and few people have the time to devote their lives to perfection. So don't beat yourself up. I think making even small changes, little shifts, can make a huge difference. Do what you can and dump the guilt.'

Jane is married (to beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones, editor of 1001 Beers you Must Taste Before you Die) with a young son and two ridiculous dogs.
They live on Exmoor, a wild and beautiful part of the UK, a place of myth, magic and brooding intensity - an inspiration for her work.

Jane is now turning her hand to writing teen fiction - calling on her knowledge of the arcane and a very clear memory of being sixteen. Her novels blend supernatural romance, horror and edgy realism.


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