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A cautionary tale for mice reminiscent of Carroll's Jabberwocky!Out in the open, in the clear,Where any wisenmouse would fear,Jam licks his paw, he grooms an ear,And never hears approaching hisssss . . .What will happen to the brave mouse Jam when he breaks the rules and goes for a moonlit adventure against the advice of the elder mice?Award-winning illustrator Barry Moser has created a dark and vivid mouse world to complement this cautionary tale full of clever nonsense words and rhyming prose that will keep kids on the edge of their seats.

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Denise Doyen

Denise Doyen studied creative writing and design at Stanford University. She earned a master's in film direction at the American Film Institute and has directed children's television for Disney. A writer at heart, she went back to school to concentrate on writing for children. 'Once Upon a Twice' is her first book.

"I've always loved rousing, amusing nonsense poetry, from Lewis Carroll's 'Jabberwocky' to the Beatles 'I Am A Walrus', goo goo g'joob. I am excited and proud to add my own scoutaprowling book to the shelves of literary nonsense. Hope you enjoy the adventure."

To SEE/LISTEN to rousing recitations of "Once Upon a Twice" click on videos (below-right) done on YouTube by these Master child-reciters!

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