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Eleven-year-old Samuel was born as Master Hacklers slave, and working the Kentucky farm is the only life hes ever knownuntil one dark night in , that is.With no warning, cranky old Harrison, a fellow slave, pulls Samuel from his bed and, together, they run. The journey north seems much more frightening than Master Hackler ever was, and Samuels not sure what freedom means aside from running, hiding, and starving. But as they move from one refuge to the next on the Underground Railroad, Samuel uncovers the secret of his own pastand future. And old Harrison begins to see past a whole lifetime of hurt to the promise of a new lifeand a poignant reunionin Canada.In a heartbreaking and hopeful first novel, Shelley Pearsall tells a suspenseful, emotionally charged story of freedom and family.

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Shelley Pearsall

Shelley Pearsall grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where she began writing stories in her bedroom closet as a child. She sent her first story to a New York publishing house at the age of thirteen. Although the manuscript was never published, its themes of survival and freedom ultimately became the inspiration for Pearsall's first published novel, TROUBLE DON'T LAST, written twenty years later.In 2003, TROUBLE DON'T LAST received the prestigious Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction among other honors. Pearsall's newest novel THE SEVENTH MOST IMPORTANT THING is a 2016 ALA Notable book, along with ALL OF THE ABOVE (2007) . Before becoming a full-time author, Shelley Pearsall taught in public schools and outdoor education programs. Today, she is a frequent guest author in elementary and middle schools where she does presentations and leads writing workshops to inspire a new generation of young writers. Visit her websites for more details: www.shelleypearsall.com and www.onebookoneday.com.

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