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"Family History of Fear has been in me for years. Along with this secret. From the instant I found out I was not who I thought I was." Every family has its own history. Many families carry a tragic past. Like the author's mother, many Poles did not tell their children a complete story of their wartime exploits - of the underground Home Army, the tragedy of the Warsaw Uprising, the civil war against the Communists. Years had to pass before the stories of suffering and heroism could be told.In Family History of Fear, Agata Tuszy?ska, one of Poland's most admired poets and cultural historians, writes of the stories she heard from her mother about her secret past. Tuszy?ska, author of Vera Gran ("a book of extraordinary depth and power" - Richard Eder, The Boston Globe; "captivating" - Newsweek; "darkly absorbing, shrewd, and sharply etched" - Publishers Weekly) , has written a powerful memoir about growing up after the Second World War in Communist Poland - blonde, blue-eyed, and Catholic.

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