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It's almost time for Christmas, and Maria is traveling with her mother and younger brother, Juan, to visit their grandmother on the border of California and Mexico. For the few minutes they can share together along the fence, Maria and her brother plan to exchange stories and Christmas gifts with the grandmother they haven't seen in years. But when Juan's gift is too big to fit through the slats in the fence, Maria has a brilliant idea. Here is a heartwarming tale of families and the miracle of love.

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Mitali Perkins

Mitali Perkins writes novels for young people, including You Bring the Distant Near (nominated for the National Book Award) Rickshaw Girl (NYPL best 100 Book for children in the past 100 years; film in 2021) , Bamboo People (ALA Top 10 YA novel) , and Tiger Boy (South Asia Book Award winner.) Her newest are Home Is In Between, a picture book published by Macmillan FSG, and a nonfiction book for adults, Steeped in Stories: Timeless Children's Novels to Refresh our Tired Souls, published by Broadleaf. She currently writes and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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