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A lyrical, heartfelt picture book celebrating the love between parents and their children.

When a new baby comes into the world, that baby becomes everything cuddly, everything kisses, everything love...everything possible. In other words, everything that matters. And the world is never quite the same again. In Everything You, Elizabeth McPike's simple, poetic text and Jay Fleck's modern graphic and adorable illustrations capture the wonder and love a child brings to our lives.

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Elizabeth McPike

Well, the photo above is a recent one, and the photo to the lower right (yep...pretty much the same haircut) is me about 30 years ago, playing the old and sure put-the-hat-on, take-the-hat-off game with my first-born. Two more glorious children were to come along later, which meant I got to spend about 2.3 million hours reading to them. In between feeding them and reading to them and doing laundry and hanging out at the orthodontist office, I was also the editor of an award-winning journal on education policy and teaching practice.

I still get to hang out with little kids -- or feel that I am -- by writing books for them. My first book, Little Sleepyhead, comes with a sleep-through-the-night guarantee (OK, that is a slight exaggeration) , while my second book, Little Bitty Friends, celebrates the special bond that little children have with nature's other little creations. An enchanted world whose doors open only to the young. Recall those walks where, suddenly, your child comes to a screeching halt, stoops down, and ever so quietly watches, listens, sees, waits...

My new book, Everything You, is for smitten new parents...otherwise known as ALL new parents. I've read it more than a few times, as you might imagine, and each time the clock rewinds and my grown children are small again and on my lap. We are snuggling and giggling and pointing to the happy colors and adorable animal families that illustrator Jay Fleck has created. And I am reading...

"You're everything hopeful,
the world starts anew,

You're everything cuddly,
our hush-a-bye you."

Perhaps you know a baby who is making the whole darn blessed world start anew; if so, I hope you will enjoy this book.

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