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Eric Lander hated to be tied down ...

But when Sarah Trask, the woman he'd left months ago, came to him for help solving a very personal murder, saying no wasn't even an option. Especially once he learned she was pregnant with his child ...

Running from the law through the Rocky Mountains after being wrongly accused about his role in the killing wasn't exactly how Eric planned on absorbing - or celebrating - the big news. Yet they had no other choice. Now, with the beautiful rancher and their unborn baby counting on him for protection, Eric found himself both excited and terrified by the idea of "family." He knew he'd be a good father - if only he could keep them all alive to prove it.

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Ann Voss Peterson

An English-creative writing major in college, Ann worked as a bartender, a horse show groom and a professional window washer before publishing her first novel in 2000 with Harlequin Intrigue. Since then, she has published over twenty-five novels and her writing has garnered many award nominations and wins.Ann writes thrillers, romantic and otherwise.

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