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To Kiss a Cowboy Former rodeo star Jarrett Deeks knows about saving horses, but city women like Theresa Pirelli have always been out of his league. Yet her kiss rocks him harder than any bull he's ever ridden. In her, he sees himself: a little bruised, a lot lonely. She's his for only a few weeks, except unlike his horses, he can't let her go once she's healed. But how can he convince her to stay? Theresa is used to taking care of patients ... not being one! When an accident jeopardizes her career, she needs a break from worrying about her uncertain future and interfering family. A few weeks at Jarrett's rustic California horse ranch seem like just the ticket to get back on her feet. Until she's completely swept off them by one sexy cowboy.

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Stacy Connelly

Stacy Connelly writes romance for Harlequin Special Edition. Fall in love with romance by reading a Stacy Connelly book!

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