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Wild beauty, fierce loyalty and an epic love story ... Welcome to the Continent. Fans of Vikings and Game of Thrones will find themselves at home in a world in which a fragile peace will soon be challenged by the darkest betrayal ... When you look into the eyes of the oneswho turned your family to ash,tell me then that violence is not the answer.That vengeance is not what you desire.Vaela Sun has left the privileged, peaceful land of the Spire and chosen to live with the boy she loves among the Aven'ei people on the Continent. But though the war between the Aven'ei and their longtime foe, the Xoe, has come to a temporary cease-fire, hatred on the Continent runs deep, and the question of whether or not violence is part of human nature becomes ever more difficult to answer.

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Keira Drake

Keira Drake is a full-time author who super loves video games, amazing books (especially nonfiction) , and making things. The Continent is her first novel; its sequel, The Divide, will be published in 2020.

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