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For fans of Mary Norris and Benjamin Dreyer, an unconventional guide to the English language drawn from the cross-country adventures of an itinerant grammarian.When Ellen Jovin first walked outside her Manhattan apartment and set up a folding table with a sign reading "Grammar Table," it took about 30 seconds to get her first visitor. Everyone had a question for her. Grammar Table was such a hit - attracting the attention of the New York Times, NPR, and CBS National News - that Ellen soon hit the road, traveling across the U.S. to answer questions from students, retired editors, bickering couples, and anyone else who uses words in this world.In Rebel with a Clause she tackles what is most on people's minds, grammatically speaking - from the Oxford comma to things you were never told about dictionaries, the ubiquity of like, common errors in online dating profiles, the likely lifespan of whom, semicolonphobia, and much, much more!Punctuated with linguistic debates from tiny towns to sprawling state capitals, this is a treasure trove for anyone wishing to shore up their prose or delight in our age-old and universal fascination with language.

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Ellen Jovin

Ellen Jovin is a cofounder of Syntaxis, a communication skills training consultancy, and the founder of the Grammar Table, a traveling popup grammar-advice stand. She has a BA in German studies from Harvard College and an MA in comparative literature from UCLA, and she has studied twenty-five languages just for fun. Ellen lives with her husband on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

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