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Finally, a groundbreaking book that reveals what your dyslexic child is experiencing - and what you can do so that he or she will thrive More than thirty million people in the United States are dyslexic - a brain-based genetic trait, often labeled as a "learning disability" or "learning difference," that makes interpreting text and reading difficult. Yet even though children with dyslexia may have trouble reading, they don't have any problems learning; dyslexia has nothing to do with a lack of intellect. While other books tell you what dyslexia is, this book tells you what to do. Dyslexics' innate skills, which may include verbal, social, spatial, kinesthetic, visual, mathematical, or musical abilities, are their unique key to acquiring knowledge.

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Ben Foss


"If you want to understand a dyslexic child or a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, 35% of whom are dyslexic, Ben Foss has the insight to inspire audiences and help people find their strengths." - James Gandolfini, actor, HBO's The Sopranos

BEN FOSS is a prominent entrepreneur and activist and the founder of Headstrong Nation, a not-for-profit organization serving the dyslexic community. Foss graduated from Wesleyan University and earned a JD/MBA from Stanford Law and Business Schools. He invented the Intel Reader, a mobile device that takes photos of text and recites it aloud on the spot. Ben is a co-founder of Integration Ventures, a venture capital firm that is looking to invest in dyslexic entrepreneurs. He has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News, ABC, CNN, HBO and the BBC. Represented by the Random House Speakers Bureau, he regularly speaks to Fortune 500 companies, public policy organizations, and colleges and universities across the country. He tweets @benfoss.

For press inquiries contact Steve Boriack at Random House sboriack@randomhouse.com. If you are interested in booking Ben as a speaker, contact Jayme Boucher at Random House Speaker Bureau, jboucher@randomhouse.com.

Advance Praise for The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan
"This extremely practical and motivational book will be welcomed by parents of dyslexic children."- Publisher's Weekly (starred review)
"As someone with a learning profile that made school tough, and as a parent, I know kids needs the right support. Ben knows how to get access to education because he's been through it. I was thrilled to read this book. It offers a wise collection of insights that are both practical and touching. Buy it today if you want a get a plan for your child." - James Gandolfini, actor
"As an educator with forty-two years of experience, with half of those supporting dyslexic learners, I cannot think of a more valuable and insightful resource for parents and teachers to empower dyslexic kids. As a dyslexic adult myself, and the Head of an independent school for dyslexics, I know Ben's wisdom is dead-on and I recommend this to any parent." - Muir Meredith, Head of School, Westmark School, Encino, California
"This is the book we have been waiting for, synthesizing the head and the heart issues in dyslexia. Our organization supports millions of parents of kids looking for information on dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities each year; Ben's step-by-step guide will become a go-to resource for them." - James Wendorf, Executive Director, National Center for Learning Disabilities

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