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Parents profoundly influence their child's language development, including their ability to listen, understand, and communicate. From birth to three years is the crucial window of opportunity during which a child's learning potential is at its fullest and most formative. Now with this amazing book, parents can use the revolutionary BabyTalk program to maximize their baby's language skills- and provide a solid foundation for later learning-in just thirty minutes a day!A simple and fun one-on-one program created by a renowned speech and language therapist, BabyTalk is based on extensive clinical experience and is firmly rooted in natural parent-child interaction. What's more, it fits into the normal pattern of your child's play! You'll discover how to best talk to your child-and what to talk about-at each stage of development, including how to* CREATE an environment in your home that most benefits your baby's development* NURTURE your child to become a confident communicator* STRENGTHEN his or her ability to concentrate and retain information* STIMULATE your child with specific toys and books at each stage* RECOGNIZE problems that may hinder language development* PRESENT games, play ideas, and words to stimulate the imaginationUse BabyTalk to give your baby a lifelong advantage for learning!

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