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Turn out the lights on another endless day in Trump's America with this parody of Goodnight Moon by the bestselling duo behind Goodnight Bush -- putting to bed America's most yugely bad president ever. In the very classy room There was a golden mirror And a silver spoon And a broadcast of -- A half-baked story from a fake newsroom . . .Parodying the soothing incantations of Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown with illustrations by Clement Hurd, GOODNIGHT TRUMP opens in the very classy golden bedroom of the White House, where it is bedtime for the 45th President of the United States. In this wickedly funny update to the bedtime classic, readers can encourage this very stable genius to bid a gentle goodnight to some of his favorite things, including his stuffed animal (what else but a Playboy bunny) , his best friends from Russia, his Twitter feed, and his 12-pack of Diet Coke.

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Erich Origen

Erich Origen is a New York Times bestselling author who's written books that are "thoughtful, uproariously witty, and brilliantly successful on every level" (Library Journal) , including the "funniest economic primer ever written" (Salon) and "one of the greatest works of fiction of all time ever - up there with the Bible, the Constitution, and those books about the blonde siblings who slept together in their attic." (Black Book)

His books include the international hit The Adventures of Unemployed Man (published in France as Les Aventures D'Ultra Chomeur) and Goodnight Bush. As a performer, he plays the child of Bob Fosse and Dian Fossey in Fossey-Fosse on Funny or Die.

Origen was born and raised in Northern California, but made the unfortunate decision to attend the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, where he found himself completely at odds with the culture, but nevertheless honed his craft as a visual writer in the privacy of his dorm room.

After college, Origen landed a job as a writer-producer at The Science (mercifully back in San Francisco) , where he worked with Gan Golan, his future collaborator.

In 2008, Origen and Golan made Goodnight Bush, which rocketed to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. They travelled to Denver for the Democratic National Convention, and to Washington DC for Bush's last day in office, with a choir that sang the text of the book in four-part harmony for jubilant crowds.

Origen and Golan teamed up again for a much more ambitious project, The Adventures of Unemployed Man. This stunning graphic novel was an international bestseller praised by critics around the world.

While working on The Adventures of Unemployed Man in 2009, everyone involved with the project believed it had to be published quickly to remain relevant to the times. Today, so little has changed, the book could be published this week and be completely relevant. In fact, the book was published in France for the first time in November, 2013 as Les Aventures D'Ultra Chomeur!

Origen is currently working on new book and TV projects and writing for Funny or Die where his work is officially Immortal.

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