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On a long weekend with Diana's grandparents, Stephanie and Diana face what could be their greatest fear: another divorce in their family. Diana and Stephanie find a hidden brochure for a marriage counseling retreat in Norm and Lynn's room, and their suspicions flare when they're dropped off at Diana's grandparents' home on Lake Norman for a 'long weekend.' Will there be another divorce? Things go from bad to worse when Diana hits a deer while practicing driving. Then Stephanie's mom shows up unexpectedly, and the girls are separated. Is it for good? Isn't that what they wanted? As the girls wonder what it would be like to not have to put up with each other, Diana finds something in the woods, and everything changes. This final book in the Sisters in all Seasons series brings the story of Stephanie and Diana to a close, and shows what happens when two opposites become friends, and maybe sisters.

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Lisa Williams Kline

Lisa Williams Kline wanted to become a writer ever since second grade, when she wrote and illustrated "The Adventures of Little Horse and Little Lamb," on large-lined paper. It's still in her bedroom closet at her parents' house! A graduate of Duke University, she is now the author of eight novels for young people, including Eleanor Hill, winner of the North Carolina Juvenile Literature Award, and the five-book Sisters in All Seasons series. Lisa lives with her veterinarian husband, in a divided household where the cats live on one side and the dogs on the other. Maybe one day she will write a story about that.

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