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Our lives consist of moments. Stitched together like the seams on a coat, these moments cloak us in awareness and possibility. But what if we miss our moments? What if we live in a bland state of wandering? Seeking growth, seeking passion---but missing the moments in which God tries to pull the thread through the cloth in the way we’ve dreamed of? Watershed moments are the turning points in our lives brought on by circumstances which stop us in our tracks. A new direction; a fresh perspective; an answered prayer; a humble surrender---these are the moments that redirect us; leaving us profoundly changed. Through a progression of seven types of Watershed moments (the Watersheds of change, unraveling, rebuilding, purpose, abandoning [control], overcoming, and belief), Gari portrays life as a series of moments we encounter where we can face or turn away from change.

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Gari Meacham

I love words, spoken, unspoken, written, recited, or sung. I love the way words can change, challenge, and heal us. Mostly, I love God's words...the bible. His words have healed me, changed me, and sustained me. I think that's why it's my favorite thing to talk about. To me, there's nothing more exciting than finding something new about God I can brag on.

My husband Bobby and I have been married for over thirty years. We have three fantastic kids and two insanely cute grandbabies. Each day I thank God for entrusting me with such gifts.

I adore baseball. Bobby and I have traipsed this country over 47 times moving from state to state with major league baseball in our rearview. I thrive on teaching and speaking to groups of God seekers, in any setting, these are my people. Nothing energizes me more than the look in the eyes of those who want to grow spiritually. I'm looking forward to sharing my new book, Spirit Hunger, from Zondervan. You can also visit my website at http://garimeacham.com/

I call myself shabby chic because although I'm a bit banged up, I can look pretty cool if you see me from a distance. Don't expect perfection--just an honest, authentic love for God and His people.

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