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Details on a Major New Discovery included in a New AfterwordWhy do we look the way we do? Neil Shubin, the paleontologist and professor of anatomy who co-discovered Tiktaalik, the "fish with hands," tells the story of our bodies as you've never heard it before. By examining fossils and DNA, he shows us that our hands actually resemble fish fins, our heads are organized like long-extinct jawless fish, and major parts of our genomes look and function like those of worms and bacteria. Your Inner Fish makes us look at ourselves and our world in an illuminating new light. This is science writing at its finest - enlightening, accessible and told with irresistible enthusiasm.

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Neil Shubin

NEIL SHUBIN is the Robert R. Bensley Distinguished Service Professor of Anatomy at the University of Chicago, where he also serves as an associate dean. Educated at Columbia, Harvard, and the University of California at Berkeley, he lives in Chicago. He was host of the Emmy Award winning PBS miniseries "Your Inner Fish" which was based on his bestselling book of the same name. He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2011.

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