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Ask anyone who knows about music and they'll tell you: without Steve Jones, punk rock would not exist. This is not hyperbole. The prototypical street-urchin-turned-Sex-Pistols-guitarist was the inspiration for and creator of the punk movement, which started shaking the culture in late 1970s London and is just as strong today. Lonely Boy presents never-before-told stories of an abused boy who was neglected by his mother and stepfather and abandoned by his biological father. It chronicles the petty crime and anger of his youth, which fueled the musical onslaught to come, the meteoric rise of the Pistols, the role of impresario Malcolm McLaren, and how a band with one album defined a generation and changed history. Lonely Boy educates people on where it all started, straight from the guy who inspired the whole scene.

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Steve Jones

John Stephen Jones FRS (born 24 March 1944) is a Welsh geneticist and from 1995 to 1999 and 2008 to June 2010 was Head of the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment at University College London. His studies are conducted in the Galton Laboratory. He is also a television presenter and a prize-winning author on the subject of biology, especially evolution. He is one of the contemporary popular writers on evolution. In 1996 his writing won him the Royal Society Michael Faraday Prize "for his numerous, wide ranging contributions to the public understanding of science in areas such as human evolution and variation, race, sex, inherited disease and genetic manipulation through his many broadcasts on radio and television, his lectures, popular science books, and his regular science column in The Daily Telegraph and contributions to other newspaper media".

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