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A smart, funny, and essential survival guide that you didn't know you needed. But you do.

As any current or former 20-something knows, adult life can get a bit weird because no one tells you what to expect. Many of us spend a decade or more figuring out how the world works, hoping that by age 30 our friends are too old to remember what happened.

Unfortunately, Andy Boyle does not have it all figured out. But the funny and useful advice and observations in this engaging book will help any newly minted adult get through the hard parts faster, guaranteed. (Note: not literally guaranteed.)

Topics include:

- Empathy, or why Nickelback fans are the best
- Making dates suck less
- What Would Tom Hanks Do?
- How not to be an asshole
- Should you get back together with your ex? (No)
- Resume Dos and OMG DO NOTs

About the Author

Andy Boyle

Andy Boyle is a writer, web developer and speaker. His work, including a viral piece about giving up drinking, has been in Esquire, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, The St. Petersburg Times and The New York Times Regional Media Group, where his work was cited in the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News. When he's not teaching digital storytelling or working on screenplays and novels, he gives funny talks whenever he can, usually in venues that shouldn't allow jokes. He lives in Chicago with his way-too-fluffy cat Tiberius.

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