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Choose your way to a perfect day with this adventurous book full of personality, tongue-in-cheek wordplay, and gorgeous illustrations. From small-talk to dating to death, In A Daze Work is an exciting, playful new spin on the minute and mundane decisions that make up your daily life. Each flip of the page puts you in control of the story: Will you stay in or go out? Do you wake up or sleep in? How will you navigate a bad date, or a party full of cookie-cutter couples (available in vanilla flavor only) ? More important, where will your decisions take you? Bringing humor and sly self-reflection to the humdrum details of adulthood, this relatable visual journey will help you find the extraordinary (or at least hilarious) moments in any day of the week.

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Siobhan Gallagher

Siobhan Gallagher is a Canadian illustrator and book designer living in New York City. She spends her time drawing, daydreaming about dogs (yay!) and the apocalypse (boo!) , and thinking of funny responses to conversations two days too late.

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