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Tap into the power of Windows 8 Maximize the versatile features of Windows 8 on all your devices with help from this hands-on guide. Discover how to customize settings, use the new Start screen and Charms bar, work with gestures on a touchscreen PC, organize and sync data in the cloud, and set up a network. How to Do Everything Windows 8 covers email, video conferencing, web access, peripheral devices, security, and troubleshooting. You’ll also get tips for using the entertainment apps to enjoy music, video, photos, games, and much more. Customize Windows 8, group tiles on the Start screen, pin icons to the taskbar, and change settings Manage and back up your files and sync them to the cloud Share files with a Windows 8 Homegroup Surf the web with both versions of Internet Explorer 10, use tabs, organize favorites, and protect your privacy online Print, scan, and fax with Windows 8 Communicate via built-in apps—Mail and Messaging—and add Skype Connect to social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, using the People app Enjoy the Music and Video apps and the Xbox Music free streaming service and video store View, manage, and share photos with the new Photos app—including your Facebook, Flickr, and SkyDrive photos Use all the built-in Windows 8 apps and get more from the Windows Store Keep Windows 8 running smoothly and securely Troubleshoot problems and reset or recover your PC .

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Simon Bisson

The quick roundup: technology journalist, one-time IT strategy consultant, SF reader (and occasional writer), traveller, book and art collector. Oh, and geek. In the past I ran one of the UK's first national ISPs, worked in a telecoms research lab, and designed exotic electromagnetic devices for the military. That makes me one of the few science fiction writers who's actually worked with railguns.Born on the Channel Island of Jersey, I now live in South West London, with Mary, a perpetually grumpy Maine Coon, and various robotic assistants.As well as books I write features and news for magazines, web sites and newspapers. You'll have seen my words in a wide variety of places, including Informationworld, Computerworld, Data Center Dynamics, CITEworld, Information Age, Computer Weekly, petri.co.il, ZDNet, The Register, The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Times, Tom's Hardware, Tom's Guide, ZDNet UK, IT Expert, Web Designer, Grey Matter's Hardcopy, The Official Windows XP Magazine, Cloud Pro, IT Pro, PC Plus, PC Format, PC Advisor, PCW, PC Answers, Web Developer, Server Management, Hardcopy, Gemalto Review, Computer Arts, Application Development Advisor, Amazon, AOL, Compuserve, Bluetooth World, Computing, The H, IT Week, Know Your Mobile, Business Link, PC Magazine, PCW, T3, TechRadar, SFX, Practical Web Pages, Internet Works, PC Network Advisor, PC Support Advisor, Recombu, Know Your Mobile, Now Your Cell, The BlackBerry Bookazine, Pocket-Lint, .Net, and Network News.Mary and I blog at ZDNet, where in 500 Words Into The Future we regularly talk about all aspects of IT, and update at least twice a week. We're also now writing CITEworld's BYODev column.

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