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In this transformative guide, TikTok's most popular gardener, Marcus Bridgewater - aka Garden Marcus - offers lessons for growth rooted in lessons from the plant world to help cultivate the soul.Marcus Bridgewater has been compared to Bob Ross and Mister Rogers for his soothing TikTok videos that relate botany to humanity. A gardener "who shares tips about caring for one's plants and oneself" (New York Times) and "is not only a trove of information if you're looking to flex your green thumb, but a balm for the pandemic-induced chaos happening in the world" (Vogue) , his soothing observations on plants and life have made him a social media star. In caring for over 600 plants, Marcus has gained invaluable wisdom. Life inside us yearns to grow; like plants, humans maximize their potential when presented with the right conditions.

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