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The only research-based guide for connecting a plant-based diet with long-term strength, endurance, and peak athletic performance, featuring interviews with professional athletes who've made the switch from meat to plants.The Plant-Based Athlete by Matt Frazier and Robert Cheeke offers a persuasive body of evidence for adopting a plant-based lifestyle to achieve endurance, flexibility, sport, training, or lifting goals. Featuring more than 60 recipes, insights from famous plant-based athletes, and explosive scientific research, it is the ultimate invitation for joining the growing community of athletes (from elites to weekend warriors) who use plants to power their workouts and their every day.Here are just a few athletes interviewed for The Plant-Based Athlete, whose stories of physical transformation began when they discovered the power of plants:* SCOTT JUREK, ultrarunner, Appalachian Trail Speed Record* MEAGAN DUHAMEL, 2x world champion and Olympic gold medalist, figure skating* DARCY GAECHTER, the first and only woman to kayak the Amazon River from source to sea* RICH ROLL, ultra-distance triathlete* DAVID CARTER, NFL defensive end* JAMES WILKS, UFC champion fighter, mixed martial artist* VANESSA ESPINOZA, 3x Colorado Golden Glove States champion* DOTSIE BAUSCH, Olympic silver-medalist in track cycling* RIP ESSELSTYN, world record holder in swimming.

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Matt Frazier

Matt Frazier is a vegan ultramarathoner and founder of the No Meat Athlete movement. Frazier shares training tips and vegetarian recipes on his site, No Meat Athlete. When he's not running, cooking, or blogging, Frazier's a full-time graduate student working on his Ph. D. in applied math. He also enjoys reading, gambling, music, and brewing beer. Frazier lives in Maryland with his wife and son.

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