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These Violent Delights meets This Savage Song in this sequel to the contemporary fantasy Only a Monster from Vanessa Len that New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Garber called "mind-bending, heart wrenching, and unputdownable!"Joan has saved her family and reset the timeline. Now, Nick is just an ordinary boy and Aaron is again her enemy. But Joan must find a way to re-gather her old allies when the real threat returns - the woman who created Nick. Eleanor, the most dangerous member of the Monster Court.As the stakes rise - and Nick gets perilously closer to discovering the truth of what Joan did to him - Joan advances deeper into the monster world. When she's captured by the Monster Court itself, she uncovers a secret of her own. She and Eleanor are the last members of a thirteenth monster family - a family erased from the timeline by the King.

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Vanessa Len

Vanessa Len is an Australian author of Chinese-Malaysian and Maltese heritage. An educational editor, she has worked on everything from language learning programs to STEM resources, to professional learning for teachers. Vanessa is a graduate of the Clarion Workshop in San Diego, and she lives in Melbourne.

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