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A remarkable debut novel - written with the fearless imagination of Michael Chabon and the piercing humor of Gary Shteyngart - about a small Jewish village in the Polish forest that is so secluded no one knows it exists . . . until now.What if there was a town that history missed?For decades, the tiny Jewish shtetl of Kreskol existed in happy isolation, virtually untouched and unchanged. Spared by the Holocaust and the Cold War, its residents enjoyed remarkable peace. It missed out on cars, and electricity, and the internet, and indoor plumbing. But when a marriage dispute spins out of control, the whole town comes crashing into the twenty-first century.Pesha Lindauer, who has just suffered an ugly, acrimonious divorce, suddenly disappears. A day later, her husband goes after her, setting off a panic among the town elders.

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Max Gross

Max Gross was born in New York City and graduated from Dartmouth College. He wrote from the Forward newspaper and the New York Post and is currently the editor of the Commercial Observer. His first book was a memoir called "From Schlub to Stud." He lives in New York with his wife and son. "The Lost Shtetl" is his first novel.

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