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"Funny, tender, and so good." - Mindy Kaling, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Why Not Me?Remember when we hit it off so well that we decided We're Going to Need More Wine? Well, this time you and I are going to turn to our friend the bartender and ask, You Got Anything Stronger? I promise to continue to make you laugh, but with this round, the stakes get higher as the conversation goes deeper.So. Where were we?Right, you and I left off in October 2017, when my first book came out. The weeks before were filled with dreams of loss. Pets dying. My husband leaving me. Babies not being born. My therapist told me it was my soul preparing for my true self to emerge after letting go of my grief. I had finally spoken openly about my fertility journey.

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Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union is the author of We're Going to Need More Wine, a New York Times bestseller, and Welcome to the Party, her first book for children. She's also an actress, activist, producer, and New York and Company fashion designer. She currently stars and produces the Spectrum Original "L.A.'s Finest" alongside Jessica Alba. Union is an executive producer through her production shingle "I'll Have Another." Season two of the show will be out on Spectrum on June 8th. Union played the titular character in the critically acclaimed BET drama "Being Mary Jane" and starred in various movies such as THINK LIKE A MAN; THINK LIKE A MAN TOO; and BRING IT ON. Union's passion for acting is rivaled by her championing of causes near and dear to her heart such as breast health, combating sexual violence, and LGBTQ issues.

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