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Based on the acclaimed series - a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize - an intimate account of the devastating effects of gun violence on our nation's children - and a call to action for a new way forwardIn 2017, seven-year-old Ava in South Carolina wrote a letter to Tyshaun, an eight-year-old boy from Washington, DC. She asked him to be her pen pal; Ava thought they could help each other. The kids had a tragic connection - both were traumatized by gun violence. Ava's best friend had been killed in a mass shooting at her elementary school, and Tyshaun's father had been shot to death outside of the boy's elementary school. Ava's and Tyshaun's stories are extraordinary - but not unique. More children were killed by gunfire in 2017 than in any previous year this century, but that number does not account for the children who weren't shot and aren't considered victims but have nevertheless been irreparably harmed by gun violence.

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