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A rollicking illustrated history of alcohol and its literary imbibers, from Jane Austen's beer brewing to James Joyce's passion for Guinness to E.B. White's cure for writers' block - a dry martini - by celebrated illustrator Greg Clarke and award-winning editor/art director Monte Beauchamp."Civilization begins with distillation." - William Faulkner"Bourbon does for me what the piece of cake did for Proust." - Walker Percy"God has a brown voice, full and soft as beer." - Anne SextonThroughout history, there has been no greater catalyst for creativity among writers - so they claim - than a good, stiff drink. From Aristophanes' attraction to wine, to Dostoevsky's breakfast of grain vodka and brown bread, to Joan Didion's fondness for gin, stories abound of how booze has fueled and inspired our literary icons.

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