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A comprehensive, authorized compendium of all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer, published in celebration of the revered show's twentieth anniversary.From its debut in 1997, Buffy the Vampire Slayer became a cult hit with legions of devoted viewers and propelled the show's creator Joss Whedon to stardom. Now, fans can discover Buffy's world fully with this full-color A-to-Z encyclopedia that catalogs, explains, and cross-reference every detail of the Buffyverse, from characters, locations, and weapons to episodes, demons, and recurring gags. Packed with content from the television show, The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Encyclopedia is the first companion book that also includes key facts from the official canon comics and its spin-off show Angel - making this comprehensive volume the only truly complete guide to the entire Buffyverse.

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Nancy Holder

Wonder Woman IS HERE! I am so thrilled that this amazing film is here. I cried when I screened a rough cut on the Warner Lot--and so did the Warner Brothers sister Amazons who saw it with me! I was thrilled and humbled to write the novelization.

Here's what @BookTrib has to say: "If you loved the movie and want even more details about the plot, then be sure to pick up this new read by author Holder."

I'm the New York Times bestelling coauthor (with Debbie Viguie) of the New York Times bestselling dark fantasy series, Wicked. I also wrote the Crusade and Wolf Springs Chronicles series with Debbie, and we have a teen thriller out titled The Rules. I also wrote the novelizations for the new Ghostbusters movie as well as Crimson Peak.

AND I have a new comic book series from Kymera Press called "Mary Shelley Presents," which will debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2017! Come meet me at the Kymera Press booth on Thursday and Friday of Comic-Con!

Here's what one reviewer said about my Crimson Peak novelization:

"The poetry in this novel is chilling and fantastic. The extra details bring unanswered questions to light and flesh the characters out a little more. If you fell in love with the film, this novel will deepen it.

Here are some nice things people have said about THE WOLF SPRINGS CHRONICLES:

365andMe - 5 Stars
" From the get-go, this young adult werewolf story had me hooked...Bottom line, I can't wait to read book two. This is my first book by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié. I enjoyed it so much, I'd like to try another series while waiting for book two of the Wolf Springs Chronicles to come out."

"If you love Nightshade, or Kelley Armstrong you will definitely like this book, it has love, betrayal and A LOT of mystery. A great read." -- Siobhan Reads a Lot (blog)

Avid Reading in NV - 5 Stars
"I loved this book from page one, haven't been able to put it down till i just finished it."

Mundie Moms - 4.5 Stars
"This is a classic paranormal read! It's dark, thrilling and one I quickly devoured. I've read a lot of enjoyable wolf books this year, and this one is definitely at the top of my list. Nancy and Debbie's enticing blend of mystery, suspense, passion, love and loyalty made for a story that was hard to put down." - Katie


I am also the author of the POSSESSIONS series, for young adults, about a haunted boarding school, where the mean girls are EVIL. The BookKidsBLog says, "Possessions is the novel Stephen King would written if he'd been asked to write Gossip Girl." As I am a HUGE Stephen King fan, this made my head spin around like that poor little girl in The Exorcist.

I have also written some fairy tale retellings as well as tons of what we call "ti

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