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The acclaimed actress and dedicated activist shares her personal journey of discovery, and destroys outdated ideas about partnership, love and family that will resonate with anyone in an unconventional life situation.Actress and activist Maria Bello made waves with her essay, "Coming Out as a Modern Family," in the New York Times popular "Modern Love" column, in which she recalled telling her son that she had fallen in love with her best friend, a woman - and her relief at his easy and immediate acceptance with the phrase "Whatever Mom, love is love." She made a compelling argument about the fluidity of partnerships, and how families today come in a myriad of designs.In her first book, Bello broadens her insights as she examines the idea of partnership in every woman's life, and her own.

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Maria Bello

Bello is a human rights activist and her foundation, WeAdvance provided critical information online to people in poverty. Along with her partner, Bello has a production company, Ground Seven Entertainment - grounded stories from seven continents with female and diverse led characters. She has written a TV series called Relief and is in the process of producing a pilot. As well as acting and producing, she is writing her second book and plays her most important role which is as a mother to her teenage son. She lives in Los Angeles with her family.

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