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In late nineteenth-century Boston, home to Herman Melville and Oliver Wendell Holmes, a serial killer preying on children is running loose in the city - a wilderness of ruin caused by the Great Fire of 1872 - in this literary historical crime thriller reminiscent of The Devil in the White City.In the early 1870s, local children begin disappearing from the working-class neighborhoods of Boston. Several return home bloody and bruised after being tortured, while others never come back.With the city on edge, authorities believe the abductions are the handiwork of a psychopath, until they discover that their killer - fourteen-year-old Jesse Pomeroy - is barely older than his victims. The criminal investigation that follows sparks a debate among the world's most revered medical minds, and will have a decades-long impact on the judicial system and medical consciousness.

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Roseanne Montillo

Roseanne Montillo is an accomplished author, who, as a Truth Seeker, aims to uncover the truth behind fascinating mysteries through her enthralling literary works. Her latest books include The Wilderness of Ruin, The Lady and Her Monsters, and Halloween and Commemoration of the Dead.

Montillo was born in Stoneham, Massachusetts. Soon after her birth, her family moved to Italy, to a small town in the southern region of Calabria, and returned to the United States while she was in high school in 1988.

Montillo attended Medford High School, graduating in 1991, and went on to attend Fisher College in Boston, where she received an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts. She then transferred to Emerson College and received her BFA in writing and literature in 1996. She continued at Emerson to receive her MFA in creating writing in 1998.

Montillo taught for Lesley University and the Tufts Extension School, in classes such as Mystery Writing, Mystery Literature, Victorian Literature, Creative Writing, and Writing the Personal Essay. Since 2009, Montillo has taught in the Institute of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies at Emerson College. Her courses include Forbidden Knowledge and Love and Eroticism in Western Civilization. Both are a combination of literature, history, philosophy, and writing. She has also taught a class titled The History of Blues, and soon will teach Pen, Paper & Murder, which studies great works of fiction and nonfiction that were inspired by famous murders, as well as the glamorizing of crimes in society.

In 2010, her first book, Halloween and Commemoration of the Dead, was published by Chelsea House Publisher. This book details how societies globally perceive death and the afterlife, as well as the funerary rites involved in that process.

Her next book, The Lady and Her Monsters, was published by William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins, in 2013. A work of nonfiction, it details Mary Shelley's writing Frankenstein, and the writers, poets, doctors, scientists, alchemists, and gravediggers who influenced her.

In the spring of 2015, The Wilderness of Ruin will also be published by William Morrow (Harper Collins) . It is also a work of creative, historical nonfiction, and tells the story of a child-murderer, Jesse Pomeroy, who roamed the streets of Boston in the early 1870s. This case influenced the approach of mental issues, prison reform, juvenile delinquency trials, and literature, including the last work of Herman Melville. Montillo stumbled upon this story in the archives of the Harvard University Library where she found a file belonging to one of the detectives who worked on this case. This fascinating story is rarely told, and reflects the truth-seeking nature of Montillo's writing career.

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