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Combing the curiosity of The Botany of Desire and the playful spirit of Wicked Plants, a witty and engaging history of botany and gardening memoir from the author of Paradise Under Glass—an easy-to-follow, anecdotal tutorial on the fascinating science of plants.In Paradise Under Glass, Ruth Kassinger— a self-described "wanton killer of plants"—recounted with grace, humor, and poignancy her moving journey from brown thumb to green, sharing the lessons she learned building a home conservatory in the wake of a devastating personal crisis.In A Garden of Marvels, she enhances and extends her story. While Kassinger successfully created her dream conservatory and rectified her initial gardening mistakes—the over-watering and under-fertilizing that often kill plants—she realized she had no idea what to do to help them thrive.

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Ruth Kassinger

When I'm not writing about the history, science, and pleasures of gardening, I'm taking care of the dozens of plants -- citrus trees, figs, coffee bushes, pineapples, and lots of other tropicals -- in my home conservatory. In the background of my author photo is my living wall, an eight-foot tall vertical garden of tropicals that waters itself four times a day. (Instructions are in the appendix to Paradise Under Glass.) Contact me via my Facebook page or visit my website. Looking for a speaker for your gardening club or garden-related event? Look for me on GreatGardenSpeakers.com.

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