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Debbie is wishing something would happen. Something good. To her. Soon. In the meantime, Debbie loses a necklace and finds a necklace (and boy does the necklace have a story to tell) , she goes jeans shopping with her mother (an accomplishment in diplomacy) , she learns to drive shift in a truck (illegally) , she saves a life (directly connected to being able to drive, thus proving something) , she takes a bus ride to another town (in order to understand what it feels like to be from "elsewhere") , she meets a boy (who truly is from "elsewhere") , but mostly she hangs out with her friends: Patty, Hector, Lenny, and Phil. Their paths cross. Their stories crisscross. And in Lynne Rae Perkins's remarkable book, a girl and her wish grow up. Illustrated throughout with black-and-white pictures, comics, and photographs by the author.

Ages 10+

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