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Get in the game! Mack & Moxy team up with Trooper Sydnee to save another Great Helpee. When they bounce over to HelpeeLand School, they run into a rabbit named Patch who is sad because recess has become too rowdy and no one wants to play anymore. To cheer Patch up, the Heroes start a lively game of foursquare. But when a disagreement develops over who won, Trooper Sydnee suggest Rock, Paper, Scissors to settle the dispute. It works like a charm except for one problem Shelfish Sheldon is about to snatch the Great Helpee and keep all its happiness for himself. Guest celebrity, Simone Biles (Team USA women s gymnast) , helps the Heroes' mission in support of Playworks. In this DVD, Mack & Moxy introduces children to Playworks, Safe Kids Worldwide, American Heart Association, and Easter Seals. Other guest celebrities featured include Keegan Michael-Key (The Angry Birds Movie, Key & Peele) , Melissa Fumero (Brooklyn 99) and Matt Lucas (Little Britain, Alice Through the Looking Glass) . Each episode also features a child trooper who lives and breathes the non-profit featured. In the episode, A Spectrum of Possibilities , Trooper Charlie is a wonderfully talented boy who lives with autism. Mack & Moxy teaches children life-long lessons of charity and compassion while celebrating the joy of helping others.

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