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Jessica Tucker, a widow and doctor, is trying to juggle work and family. She takes a vacation to bond with her daughter, Jessica books a stay at a resort in Fiji and strikes up a friendship with Will, the charming owner of the resort. As Jessica and Will spend more time together, she begins to relax and starts to wonder if this island paradise can give her the life - and love - she's always hoped for.

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Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell is a New Englander who has lived in Paris, Brasilia, Nova Scotia, Washington DC, and Northern California, where she discovered the germ of this story. Along with invaluable experience as a gardener, cook, checkout girl, waitress, and schoolbus driver, she earned degrees from Harvard and Stanford and served as a teacher in inner-city schools and in the Peace Corps. Recent stories appear in "Solstice", "The Northern Virginia Review"(2014 Prose Award), and "South Carolina Review." Her novel, "Rush of Shadows," won the Washington Writers' Publishing House 2014 Fiction Prize. A teacher at Washington International School, Bell enjoys reading great literature with teenagers.

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