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Maybe wanting to be an actor is kind of an ambitious career goal for an 11-year-old, but this doesn't stop Dustin Grubbs. He refuses to accept defeat, like when the school play he's assistant directing and starring in, The Castle of The Crooked Crowns, seems doomed to failure at every turn. Then Jeremy Jason Wilder, international star of Dustin's favorite sitcom Double Take, moves to Buttermilk Falls. Can Dustin keep his cool or will Jeremy steal the show? Packed with hysterical one-liners, Dustin Grubbs: One-Man Show is the story of a sixth-grader with big dreams, lots of insecurities, and wacky characters that will have middle grade readers laughing themselves silly!

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John J. Bonk

John's short stories, poems and articles have appeared in numerous magazines including Cricket, Cobblestone, Pockets, Dramatics and Highlights for which his short story, "You Can't Judge a Book Report by its Cover" won an Author of the Month Award. He lives in a high-rise in the heart of Manhattan with his indefatigable kitty (that means she plays a lot) , Dinah Blue. For more info, please visit his website at www.JohnJBonk.com.

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