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The new features are even better. On Disc 1, Patton cowriter Francis Ford Coppola provides an interesting introduction, explaining how (as a military school dropout in his mid-20s) he was assigned to write the film, feeling it necessary to satisfy audiences by addressing all aspects of Gen. George S. Patton's volatile and contradictory nature. Coppola's feature-length commentary goes further in explaining his approach to the screenplay, including the now-classic opening speech, which Fox executives originally disliked, leading to Coppola's dismissal and the hiring of cowriter Edmund H. North. The commentary loses momentum in mid-film, but Coppola livens up during the film's final hour and recalls plenty of relevant details about his original screenplay, along with anecdotes about the production and cordial acknowledgements of North's contributions. Disc 2 opens with "History Through the Lens: Patton--A Rebel Revisited," an excellent 90-minute documentary that thoroughly compares the film to the facts of Patton's career, arriving at the conclusion (supported by Patton's own descendents) that the film is a remarkably accurate depiction of Patton's larger-than-life persona. The 46-minute documentary "Patton's Ghost Corps" is a riveting, sometimes heartbreaking celebration of the 94th Infantry in Patton's XX Corps, who were abandoned in Germany while Patton pursued glory on other fronts. Many were unnecessarily killed, and in interviews taped in 2005, surviving members of the 94th understandably hold Patton responsible while expressing complex feelings (praise, damnation, and everything in between) for Patton's brand of leadership. It's obvious that many of these brave men are still haunted by their battlefield memories. Disc 2 is rounded out by two photo galleries: The production gallery is accompanied by Jerry Goldsmith's complete Oscar-nominated score, and the behind-the-scenes gallery is accompanied by a 53-minute audio essay (carried over from the previous DVD release) in which Patton scholar Charles M. Province thoroughly explores the film's historical accuracy, along with authoritative biographical details about Patton's life and military career. Both educational and entertaining, all of these features make this Cinema Classics edition of Patton an essential edition to anyone's war-movie collection.--Jeff Shannon

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