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Keena Ford is so excited to go on a field trip to the United States Capitol with her second-grade class! At school, she is running for a spot on the student council, and on the field trip she's going to meet a real live U.S. representative. The only trouble is, mean Tiffany Harris keeps teasing Keena and taking the best place in line. Keena doesn't mean to get into trouble, but trouble seems to find her anyway!

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Melissa Thomson

Melissa Thomson is the author of the KEENA FORD series (Dial) and TITO THE BONECRUSHER (FSG, 2017) , as well as ALONE ON THE ICE, a short story about a child who must survive on an ice floe with only a friendly polar bear to protect him. It was written when she was in third grade and won last place in the school district writing contest. If anyone would like to publish it, please contact her. When she is not writing new stories or figuring out how to monetize old ones, Melissa is an elementary literacy coach and mom-wife-friend-person in Northern Virginia (and everywhere else, when she travels) . Her favorite things in life are working with young readers and writers, playing pretend games with confusing rules invented by her preschooler son, and complaining that she is cold.

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