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A brilliantly clear and up-to-date patent guide

Patent law is changing, and this bestselling primer on patent law has up-to-date information on the America Invents Act, the most important change to American patent law in two centuries.

Packed with detailed information, Nolo's Patents for Beginners explains how to:
document your invention acquire patent rights "read" a patent application understand how and why to make a patent search determine patent ownership find patent information understand international patent law, and decide whether to file a provisional patent.
Nolo's Patents for Beginners provides plain-English explanations of patent law, patent and invention resources and a glossary of patent terms. This edition is completely updated to cover all changes in patent law with the latest implications of recent federal patent law reform.

About the Author

David Pressman

I wrote Patent It Yourself because, some years ago, I saw many good how-to legal books on divorce, forming a corporation, etc. but none on getting a patent. Like other Nolo authors, I felt that law should not be a mystery to laypersons and that most people should be given the tools and instructions to do most legal tasks themselves if they want or can't afford a lawyer. So I wrote Patent It Yourself to share my knowledge, dispel the mystery of patents, and provide a good guide for inventors. A member of the California and Patent and Trademark Office bars, I have had over 45 years' experience in the patent profession, as a patent examiner for the U.S. Patent Office, a patent attorney for Philco-Ford Corp., Elco Corp., and Varian Associates, as a columnist for EDN Magazine and Entrepreneur.com, and as an instructor in intellectual property at San Francisco State University. In the World Book Encyclopedia I wrote the Patent, Trademark and Copyright entries. While not a successful inventor, I have two patents issued. I spend most of my time writing, but I also dabble in electronics, programming, inventing, an playing the trumpet. While I practice as a patent lawyer in San Francisco, I'm originally from Philadelphia. My undergraduate major was Electrical Engineering at Pennsylvania State University and I went to law school at the University of Pennsylvania and George Washington University, where I was on the Law Review and received a Juris Doctor degree. An afficionado of words and their meaning and effects, I am a student of general semantics, but I also am very interested in health and vegetarianism. My mother, Mildred Phillips, was also a writer, having composed lyrics for numerous published songs, including Bill Haley's "Mambo Rock."

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