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It's the evening of December 24th in Manhattan, where a freak accident will trigger a sudden power outage throughout the city. And in six different stuck elevators, six groups of people including an arrogant real estate tycoon (Patrick Stewart) trapped alone; an atheist surgeon (Gary Cole) with his dying patient; an insensitive executive (Max Casella of Vinyl) and the employee (Jon Heder of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE) he's just laid off; members of an orchestra in a very small space; and apartment building neighbors/strangers will spend the night arguing, relating, confessing and maybe even discovering some things about Christmas much larger than themselves. James Roday (Psych) and Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm) co-star in this heartwarming holiday comedy/drama produced by Larry & Shawn King.

Special Features:
Audio Commentary with Co-Writer/Producer/Director Mitch Davis
Deleted Scene
Mitch Davis Interview
Larry & Shawn King Interview
James Roday Interview
Patrick Stewart Interview
Ad Agency Interview
Hospital Elevator
Orchestra Elevator

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