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The closer we look, the less we know in Justine Triet's masterful Palme d'Or-winning Anatomy of a Fall, an eerily riveting courtroom thriller that examines the line where truth becomes fiction and fiction becomes truth. When Sandra Voyter (a transfixing Sandra Hüller) , a writer who turns the material of her life into autofiction, is put on trial for the suspicious death by defenestration - or was it suicide? - of her husband, it opens up an inquiry that will turn a troubled home inside out. Tapping into the minimalist intensity of a chamber drama - and using intricate, elliptical editing - Triet constructs a mystery that is ultimately less about a death than about the hidden lives we lead. DIRECTOR-APPROVED DVD SPECIAL EDITION FEATURES * 2K digital master * New interview with director Justine Triet * Deleted and alternate scenes with commentary by Triet * Audition footage of actors Milo Machado Graner and Antoine Reinartz and rehearsal footage of Machado Graner and actor Sandra Hüller * Trailer * PLUS: An essay by critic Alexandra Schwartz.

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