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The pulse-pounding third novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, The Lightlark Saga, by acclaimed author and #BookTok sensation Alex Aster Love kills kingdoms... Back in Grim's castle on Nightshade, Isla is reeling in the wake of a brutal battle and the devastating truths it exposed. Her future—and the fate of the world—now hinge on a heart split in two. Past Isla, who fell in love with the ruler of Nightshade, fights to resist feelings she considers treasonous. The Isla of the present, who has seen the ruin her powers can cause, will do anything to save Lightlark and its king. As the line between enemy and friend is tested, Isla is more desperate than ever to understand the oracle's final prophecy and change her heartrending fate. But a storm is coming. And with it, a long-buried evil greater than anything the realms have faced before. With the clock ticking on her destiny and the survival of two warring kingdoms hinging on her own shattered heart, Isla Crown will either save the world—or destroy it.

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Alex Aster

Alex Aster is the author of Emblem Island: Curse of the Night Witch, the first of a series inspired by the stories her Colombian grandmother used to tell her before bedtime. She recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied English and consumer psychology. Alex also has an identical twin sister who is unfortunately not an author (because that would make writing her books so much easier...) but has an adorable miniature poodle to make up for it. Explore her books at www.asterverse.com.

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